No Wonder We Love Her…

No Wonder We Love Her…

Vicky 7 was released a while ago, and after throwing her into our photo studio all we can say is… We LOVE her! An amazing achievent by DAZ 3D, Victoria 7 renders beautifully and with the right lighting and Iray rendering you can get strikingly realistic images right inside DAZ Studio. With a little help of Photoshop, I’ve managed to squeeze out some new hot V7 renders:






While creating the images, I came up with a lighting – rendering – postwork concept that works great with DAZ Studio Iray. It’s fast, fun and gives you full control over the final result.

If you want to take a look behind the scenes of the above photo shoots, and see the images grow step by step, including scene set up, posing, clothing, lighting, rendering and postwork–then click HERE and see what’s waiting for you inside… Go there NOW.

Keep tweaking and have fun!

– Val Cameron, Dreamlight

P.S. You’re invited behind the scenes… See how the above DAZ Studio renders were done from scratch to final image. Click HERE now…



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