Why We Love A Hero

By now, you have probably already seen the phenomenal movie by James Cameron, Avatar.



Yes, it’s an outstanding movie from every single aspect–from the story, to the CG and effects to the acting and casting. However, I’d like to shed some light on another aspect of it…

…the hero.

Why is it that we love heroes? What do they do that keeps up GLUED to the screen, frame by frame?

They accomplish the impossible, while being an underdog. We love underdogs, since most of us feel like underdogs, while having a fight to battle–the battle of our own lives. We love the victory, we understand the sacrifice–and we also identify with the flaws of every single hero.

This it what makes them human, despite their super-achievements or powers.

A hero often chooses their own way, which makes them rebels with their own vision and path.

The next time you watch a movie, stay close to exactly what a hero stands for. Both the pros and cons–all the doubts and victories. All the mistakes they make, which they then fight for to correct or learn from.

Remember this when you struggle with your 3D next time–since you’re a hero.

A hero of your own life.

And a hero NEVER gives up…

Keep tweaking, and you’ll get there.

– Waldemar

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