When Nothing’s Working You’re Probably Just A Millimetre Out

Ready for some mind-twisting fun?

Tony Robbins is my favourite motivational speaker and “why” guy… He’s actually one of the world’s best speakers–simply because he has the power to influence people and shift their minds.

3D artists will find them in tough situations from time to time. I mean, when the sun is shining and you just created a lovley render that people praise, life is good–right? But when things are going in the opposite direction, when you can’t seem to get even a single pixel right on your screen, or when people send you comments that your art sucks–well, that’s gonna be tough.

THAT’s when your true character shows…

I have those days and moment quite often, simply beause I’m always in the trenches doing new things, trying out new techniques and fine-tuning my skills. But it’s very easy to get discouraged during those hard times…

I found this amazing video by Tony, that changes everything up-side-down… It’s short, so give it a go and let me know what you think..!

Stay creative, true and passionate…
– Waldemar

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