We are only Human

We are only Human


All day long fighting to get the right idea, trying, learning, failing…doing it again and again…

This is common to many of us!

Yesterday, I had a look at the DAZ website and stared at a familiar character I had always found fascinating.

Without looking at the vendor’s name, I recognized that this was the work of the great artist Pixeluna:

She had updated one of her great characters to Genesis 3 Female and the work is as always outstanding!

I have followed her work since I started 3D (nearly 10 years now…) on many websites and Pixeluna’s work always inspires me…

I also learned how to set an injection/removing file in one of her tutorials…Really a great artist!

How to do something similar?

The basic idea is quite simple….and there are many ways to achieve it. Here is one:

Load your base image in your photo editor


Add the pattern you want to create in a specific area, save your new diffuse map.


Duplicate your base layer, de-saturate and invert to get displacement.

The fill color should be as above 128/128/128 for DAZ

White displace outward, black inside.


Duplicate your pattern and save your new displacement map


In DAZ, set your new diffuse map to the color channel and your new displacement map to the displacement channel and set min/max values

And here is the result:


 Far from the quality of Synx, but that’s the idea. You can achieve more complex effects with transparency maps.

What a talented artist can do:



With this base trick, you can imagine the quality and complexity of this product to get such nice result!! A must have in your Runtime!

Really a great product!!

That’s not all:

With Traveler and Shadownet, amazing artist too, they created a fabulous outfit to match the character.

Just try to rig once the “back bone” of the outfit and you will realize that the price is ridiculous compared to the skill and knowledge necessary to achieve that amazing outfit!



Want to know the tricks to create outstanding Sci-Fi characters?



Happy creative day !!

Fly028 is an accomplished 3D C.G. enthusiast. He has been creating content for DAZ Studio and Poser. Fly028 collaborates with DREAMLIGHT on trainings and content development which he has done for some years now.

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3 Responses to “We are only Human”

  1. Ron Apollo Layton May 16, 2016 at 4:37 am #

    hey Dreamlight, I wish I knew about you and this site a week ago. I just got Daz studio pro and heard of the concept of displacement. I couldn’t find any good information on how to actually do it. so I spent a week trying to get it to work. I eventually did and made a cool cyborg lady. then saw Synx on the Daz website. so I was like aw man someone beat me to it. lol now I saw your explanation and thought wow I could have done it in 3 minutes if only I knew about this site. but thanks for this site and the tutorials. I like the way you teach and learn a lot very quickly from you. I got your “Making money with Hexagon package through Daz and will join this site also. I tried a few days ago but it didn’t go through. I think it was because I was using my cell phone at the time. so again thanks for the information and hopefully soon you will see my stuff in the marketplace. I was a professional tattoo artist for 20 years and just recently started getting into digital art. it has improved my artwork 10 fold. now with Daz and tutorials from people like you my artwork is improving by the hour. you will probably be hearing from me a lot. thanks again.

    • Val Cameron May 30, 2016 at 1:40 pm #

      Hi Ron, thank you so much for your positive feedback, glad to be of help! Great to hear you’re improving, and isn’t it incredible–you’re moving from tatoo art to 3D art… Way to go! /Val

  2. Kurt June 22, 2016 at 12:56 am #

    I did something similar a few years ago with Michael 3. I used Uber surface 2 to layer 2 different diffuse and transparency maps: http://polyrender.deviantart.com/art/Dehumanized-373074683

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