Way Better Than Goals (Makes You Actually Achieve Them)


Way Better Than Goals (Makes You Actually Achieve Them)

Are you a goal-getter, super achiever and always aiming for achieving new goals? Or maybe you’re someone that has set up your goals but never seem to get them? Then you will benefit GREATLY from what I have in store for you today. It doesn’t matter if you apply this to your 3D art, building up your business or anything else in your life. It works, it works even though you feel like crap and it works when you feel good.

First, have you at times felt that your goals are way over your head? That is, they seem far in the distance, almost impossible to get? Maybe you’ve even felt that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get “there”… There is a big problem with goals, and goal-setting. And that is the fact that your goals are not reality… YET. It means your mind will play tricks with you and say: “Hey, you know it’s not true, so why bother”… Yes, you can practice positive thinking, or even Law Of Attraction, and focus on FEELING like you’re already there. Although that works for short bursts, both you and me know that you cannot sustain that feeling all the time.

Also, there might be this scary fear of your goals. Maybe they are so big that you’re just scared going after them. Or, they might be so small, that you don’t care going after them.

There is something way better.

I call this your 3-things list. What 3 things can you do today and every day that will bring you one step closer to your goals? See, when you focus on small action steps EACH and every day, you will get closer to your goals no matter how you feel and what you do. If you do mistakes, you will be closer your goals. If you make small victories, you will be closer your goals. Don’t do more than 3 things, or else it can easily become too much and overwhelming.

Now, forget your goals for a second. Imagine being on your own ship on the ocean. Let your goals be the bearing you want to go on the high sees, but nothing more. What do you need to do in order for your ship to reach its destination? It needs the right bearing (goals) and it needs speed. Speed comes from action. Like rowing, setting the sails, or the fuel in your boat engine.

A year has 365 days. When you do 3 small, easy action steps each day, that will be 1,095 steps in a year. Or 3,285 steps in 3 years. Now, how do you think your life will look if you take 1,000 steps closer to where you want to be? Right, MASSIVE change. From small and easy steps. By focusing on the steps, on the action, on the SYSTEM that will take you there, you guarantee that you will get there. You guarantee that you will learn from your mistakes, since you will make lots of them.

That is exactly how I’ve become successful in 3D art, and building my own business. Regardless if I’ve had bad days, or good days, I’ve always been able to do SOMETHING to move forward. Try this for a month, and you’ll see some amazing shift in your art, business and life.

Keep doing what you love… and a LOT of it.

– Val Cameron

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3 Responses to “Way Better Than Goals (Makes You Actually Achieve Them)”

  1. sydney August 7, 2014 at 6:22 pm #

    Excellent advice, and probably something most of us wouldn’t think about, since it would seem like too little.

  2. Kurt August 7, 2014 at 11:33 pm #

    Thanks, we need that. For me I think a goal is: finishing the Model Master training video series and practicing what I learned and completing a prop. Also another is completing my own stock photo website. The step by step is figuring out practicals of how to accomplish these.

    • Val Cameron August 9, 2014 at 1:37 pm #

      Exactly Kurt, focus on max 3 goals per day / week / month and year and do only that and nothing else and you’ll get there!

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