Vrooom… Getting your DAZ Studio car animation realistic…

In these two 10 min videos I´ll show you how you can quickly set up a “non-flexible” car model so that it can perform more accurate physical movements. Yes, I´m talking about the body moving as the car accelerates or turns heavily.

Most car models come with a solid body, with the wheels attatched and in most cases you can rotate them and spin them. And that´s it. Now, if you put a real world car into some serious motion, it will not look solid. The body will move and represent the g force that its subjected to.

This is hard to achieve in 3D, unless the car body is a separate object. If its not, then you can re-model it, and detatch the body. Or, you can view these two videos and get going right away… 🙂

So, buckle up and off we go!

Video video 1 of 2:

View video 2 of 2:

I hope you enjoyed these two videos… As always, let me know if you found them useful, and if so, don´t forget to tell your friends!

Thanks a bunch!

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