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Sven Martin, the visual effects supervisor for Pixomondo took on the task of creating all the visual effects for “Game of Thrones” season two. (We will take a look at  Season 3 in our next post)

Pixomondo, is internationally acclaimed for it’s work in visual effects and has won multiple awards. They have a global network of studios in Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Toronto, Los Angeles, Cologne, Hamburg, Beiijing, Shanghai and Baton Rouge which created all the visual effects for Game of Thrones season 2 as well as the digital creatures and hero environments in season 3.

How Did They Do It – Games of Thrones Visuals?

The Hardware…

Pixomondo has just revealed that in order for them to create the effects, several of their workstations in addition to a Dell-powered render farm were used.

Martin speaks highly of Dell, explaining that Pixomondo used Dell Precision T5500 and T5600 tower workstations to develop the complex content quickly as well as the “Dell PowerVault MD3220 and MD1220 storage. They also used the Dell PowerEdge R410, R620 and R720 servers in their render farm.

This was a major project for a TV series with such a tight schedule and Martin gives credit to the speed and reliability of the Dell workstations, monitors, servers and storage, and the amazing support they received from Dell’s IT support as a major contibutor to their success in this venture.

So, they not only met the expectations of the series, but they were also brought on for season three.

The Creative Side of Games of Thrones Effects:

This short video highlights the best special effects of HBO’s second season of Game of Thrones. This series is the winner of 6 awards in 2012 at the 2012 Emmy Creative Arts Awards. (Taken from the CGBros Channel in YouTube)


Undoubtedly, one of the most impressive aspects of the entire season were Dany’s dragons which were layered up from bone to flesh and movement. This shows the lengths that the VFX team went to to make them as visceral as possible for the popular series’ scenes.
Some might find it surprising that the extent to which Pyke, Harrenhal and some of the other castles and surroundings were digitally rendered. However, somewhat more interesting is perhaps how much of it isn’t.

Quite a few of the sets are stunning as is, with green screens or layering in post helping to enhance the magnificence of scale. Many of the actors, for example, had zombie-esque make up on as a base layer which was then digitally enhanced to really creepy levels of decay. Even the horse was entirely digital and not just a digitally zombified version. While, Kit Harington’s hair is all-natural:)

More to come on Season 3 which premièred in March 2013 …

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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