Victoria 7 Is Dead! (Opps)

Victoria 7 Is Dead! (Opps)


It was time to create art that is outside the comfort zone I normally adjust to. Simply go outside, one foot in front of the other. And see what happens. Turned out Victoria 7 is dead! Well, at least during this render–she’s all fine, I promise!

Creating art with blood is special, since we have this strong color of red. This can be used as a strong contrast. In this particular render, I created a washed out effect of the scenery to make it look clean, as an direct opposite to the blood effects. In conjunction with that, I carefully chose white innocent outfit, pale skin and blonde hair with very little make up, to again, focus on the contrast.

Lighting wise, this image is quite generic looking, since I didn’t want to create any additional contrast, and DAZ Studio Iray makes her skin and the environment look so lifelike… (Although we’re talking about a dead 3D character)

In additional to this, I always find it fascinating to play with emotions. We have the scary blood and a dead V7. On top of that, I wanted to play with sexual affirmations, so she’s posed in a “sexy” way (plus odd at the same time), and the naked skin and sensual outfit adds to that as well. All in all, we’re playing with innocence, sex, blood and horror at the same time, with red and white playing the main role of conrast.

Of course, there’s a lot more to this genre than this single image can portray. In fact, I’m doing a whole series on 4 DAZ Studio Iray images, step by step, completely from scratch to the final image, in various settings, and with various scary Victoria 7 blood effects.

Check it out HERE, Victoria 7: Blood launches later today!

Keep rendering and tweaking, and make it yours…

– Val Cameron, founder Dreamlight

P.S. Check out Victoria 7: Blood HERE.



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