Three Letters That Will Change Your Life Forever

Three Letters That Will Change Your Life Forever


If you’re like me, then you like simple things that do massive positive change in your life. In today’s post I’m going to make things exactly that simple. And fast too. Most people tend to be more negative than positive. It’s in our nature. We look for the “danger” out there, in order to survive. Take a look in any newspaper, 90% is negatve information simply because we’re naturally draws towards that. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just in today’s modern society, there’s no lions, tigers and bears chasing you around every corner.

However, if we break down what happens in reality, things look a little different. Our thoughts lead to our emotions. Our emotions lead into action. That in turn leads into a pattern. Patterns you keep repeating create your life, since patterns create outcomes, which in turn creates reactions–and the cycle repeats.

The small things you do each day

Now, in order to change your patterns, you need to change your emotions that drive your behavior And in order to change your emotions you need to change what you think.

Over time, this thought -> emotion -> action -> pattern -> outcome -> reaction becomes so deeply programmed within us, that we no longer see the chain of evenets. Instead, we FEEL and get an OUTCOME. We forget that we have total control of our path. If you look very closely at what happens each time you feel and then get a particular outcome, you will notice the individual elements. Most people never do. Some will never question what”s happening and simply wander around, getting “bounced” by emotions and outcomes.

First, I’m not a big fan of “positive” tinking in that sense. If you enter your backyard, and there’s weed there, it won’t help saying: “Wow, it looks amazing”. We need to face the reality, and then take the proper action in order to solve the problem.

How about simple three letters that will compeltely turn this up side down, starting right now?

Our thoughts often manifest as the silent voice inside. The stuff you say to your self inside your mind. Each time you say: “I can’t do that”, “I’m not smart enough”, “It’s not for me”, “I’m not pretty enough”… You’re creating a specific outcome, one that does not involve taking appropriate action to reach your dreams and goals.  There’s a simple fix for this. Add yet to the sentense. Yes, just add YET. What happens now, is that you shift from negative to positive outcome, since adding yet means you intend to find a solution. Just that alone is enough to start a powerful chan of events, since you’re now anticipating something more.

Notice the immediate change: “I can’t do that”. And after adding “yet” to it: “I can’t do that, yet”. Do you feel the differenece? It’s so simple, so small that you can do it NOW.

That’s what success is all about

Adding small simple things each day, that add up, and overtime completely shift your destination. Often, when we say thing like, “I can’t get that, it’s out of range” or “I can’t afford that”, we’re jumping from where we are in this very moment, right to the destination, and immediately feel that it’s impossible. Well, jumping IS often impossible, since often, the step is too big. But taking that small step, adding YET to every single negative comment you do, will set things in motion and before you know it, you will find yourself taking small action steps towards where you want to be.

Keep moving…

– Val Cameron

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