The Shades of Grey

The Shades of Grey


Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Sometimes, I’m struggling to get the right color aspect, the right camera angle, spending time to test and see if everything looks good only to discover that the whole thing isn’t worth a dime…..

And I remember those classy old fashioned photographs, full of atmosphere, of feeling….

One cool thing with DAZ Studio is that you can never exhaust all the possibilities…

Yesterday, I was thinking about my next render. I thought it would be cool to do a Black and White portrait. I had never done it with Iray and wondered how will I do this…

Suddenly, I had an idea!! As Photoshop is dealing with saturation, why not trying lowering it in Iray? There is a saturation slider in the render settings…

The trick:

Go to the the render settings in Iray mode. Default value is set at 1 for saturation


Turn it back to Zero


Magic appears!

Now, you get a beautiful White and Black render to work with!


Looks great but why not do more…I love to play with sliders….and there is even one for vignette-ing…


A little bit of DOF, Default lightning, saturation at zero and vignette-ing at 100. As simple as that!!


A quick jump into Photoshop and here it is.

If you want to get the best out of your renders and get this fabulous Black and White effect:


3Delight Users

If you are using 3Delight, a must have to get fabulous old looking renders:



Happy rendering!


Fly028 is an accomplished 3D C.G. enthusiast. He has been creating content for DAZ Studio and Poser. Fly028 collaborates with DREAMLIGHT on trainings and content development which he has done for some years now.

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  1. KC April 20, 2016 at 5:27 pm #

    This is cool. Between DAZ Studio and Paintshop Pro, I create covers for my novels. But my use of DS doesn’t stop there as I work on the odd promo images for my novels. After creating textures to make 3D versions of my books, one of them was too vibrant compared to the real thing. After play with the last four settings (that included Saturation), I had something that was closer to the original. I wouldn’t have known about them if it hadn’t been for this article. Thank you.

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