The Secret To Great Fashion Renders

The Secret To Great Fashion Renders


So, you’re posing your favorite character in a studio setting, and you’re hoping to get a cool looking fashion scene. If you’re like most artists, you’ll most likely get stuck with lighting. Sure, there’s plenty of cool HDR backgrounds you can use in DAZ Studio with the Iray render engine, but they offer no adjustments other than rotating the whole dome and intensity. To get the perfect fashion “shot”, you need to be able to control the light up / down / left / right / closer / further away…


That’s when you can add another light to the mix, and instead of relying on a strong light being cast from the HDR map, you replace that function with an additional light source. Immediately, you can control of the lighting and can start tweaking your perfect render. Now, this can become quite tedious, if you don’t know the settings, and from which angle the light should come. Then there’s intensity, spread angle, fall off, colors and such, plus that the HDR background can no longer feature a strong light in itself, or else it will collide with the additional light.

On top of that, when it comes to fashion renders, you’ll want to have instant presets of cool colors, and background options to suite your image. This can all become quite time consuming if you want to do it all on your own, and instead of a fun “render session”, you can end up having tons of tweaks that will still leave you wanting more… But, there’s help on its way… See how you can have all of this automated, and ready to render:

With “Iray HDR Magix Fasion Lights”, what I’ve done is combined an advanced HDR background with an additional emissive light source, carefully designed to work together. Not only are you given full control over the light, it’s designed to look fabulous straight “out of the box”. With multiple presets, you can quickly change the mood of your render, and turn on / off the extra light, plus fine tune everything on top of the pre-set professional looking settings. All Iray render settings are already done for you, you simply aim the camera and render.

If you want to put an end to your frustration, and get instant cool looking fashion renders in DAZ Studio, then check it out HERE.

Keep rendering!

– Val

P.S. Create fabulous fashion renders, with “Iray HDR Magix Fashion Lights”… Get it HERE.

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