The Power of Morph

The Power of Morph


I’m always amazed by the creativity of some artists!!

3D CG is a never ending source of knowledge. You just need skills, good tools, the “know how”…and inspiration…

Just last week, I saw on DAZ’s website two amazing products. They caught my attention not because they were ravishing beauties, but because it seems so simple yet seemed so hard to do! The two artists did an amazing work of morphing and texturing….and settings.

To get this result, it can take long hours in front of your computer, but the process can be done easily in any modeling tool.

Zbrush is a fantastic tool for that, so I decided to use it to demonstrate how to modify Genesis 3 Male in a few minutes to get a rapid “George” looking.

Just load your character in DAZ and send it to Zbrush with “GoZ” icon (you can export it as an obj at low resolution in any modeling tool to do the same work).


You can leave Genesis at his current resolution or turn it to base resolution in Zbrush depending on the kind of morph you want to achieve. For other modeling tools, you will have to export at base resolution in order to get the morph working at the end.


Once in Zbrush, use the topological brush and deform your character


Very simple stroke to get a general look for this article, but we get the gist.


Once satisfied with your morph, just send back to DAZ


Just give a name to your new morph and accept


Just test it. Seems to be working!! Just save it for the future and you get a whole new character!

There are some tweaks to be done in order to make it work properly and to make a product, but, this is the basic idea.

When you know how to deal with that:

These products are based on this principle but at very high resolution with morphing, sculpting, texturing….and a lot of experience, knowledge and Talent!!!


(images courtesy of DAZ)

By Deepsea


(images courtesy of DAZ)

By RawArt

To understand Morphing :

If you want to understand how far you can go with morphing, learn it with this great Dreamlight Morph Master training!


Let your creativity spread!

Happy morphing!

Fly028 is an accomplished 3D C.G. enthusiast. He has been creating content for DAZ Studio and Poser. Fly028 collaborates with DREAMLIGHT on trainings and content development which he has done for some years now.

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