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Oculus Rift On The Farm And Out In Space


www.fastcompany.com Chris Gayomali on FastCompany writes about the use of Oculus Rift in journalism, where the Des Moins Register, Iowa, USA, is using virtual reality and the Oculus Rift to reach out to its readers in a five-part interactive story ‘Harvest of Change’. Gayomall writes, “When you put on the Rift, you are beamed into […]


Climb Inside The What? Feels Worse Than A Roller Coaster


Source: doc-ok.org MoCap  Innovations… Here Oliver Kreylos, a researcher at the University of California, Davis, places himself in a virtual boardroom using 3D video capture with 3 Kinects (3D cameras) and an Oculus Rift. You can watch his video here: If you want to know more from the man himself go to his blog post ‘3D […]