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3D Post Work – Post Production Tips


    Source image: http://www.silverblades-suitcase.com/tutorials/htm/38.html 3D Post Work – Post Production Tips I often think that most of the real work comes after you’ve created an image in 3D. I am talking about the process of post-work or post production. In this stage you can seize the chance of correcting or embellishing your image. For […]


Cineware by Maxon Live 3D Pipeline Update


Image Source: ryansalazar.net Cineware By Maxon Live 3D Pipeline Update Earlier this fall Adobe planned to upgrade to After Effects CC. More recently Maxon has now announced updates to its Cineware live 3D pipeline. This connects the Adobe software with Cinema 4D, which is currently in version R15. Cineware enables its users to open any 3D […]


Disney’s Frozen – A Sneak Peek


Disney’s 53rd Animated 3D Film – “Frozen” Disney’s Frozen Disney’s new animated film (musical) “Frozen” will air in the cinemas in 3D in November 27, 2013  and on December 6, 2013 in the UK Here is the FULL UK trailer for Frozen (video below)… Walt Disney Animation Studios, the creators of “Tangled” and “Wreck-It Ralph,” […]


CG Effects – Creating An Awesome Space Ship


Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise CG Effects – Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise I recently found some CG renders of Voyager in the TrekCore image archives. I also found some cool information written by Rob Bonchune, winner of 3 Emmy Awards and 6 nominations and contributor to TrekCore.com Rob spent 5 years working on Star Trek Voyager, he […]


9 Days Left To Vote for the 3D World CG Awards 2013


3D World CG Awards 2013 Now you can make your voice heard in the celebration of the technology and artistry behind the global CG industry 3D World, one of the world’s leading magazines for 3D artists and animators, is spearheading a recognition of artistry and technology. A Bit  More About 3D World CG Awards 2013 […]

iron man 3 image

More on Iron Man 3: VFX Barrel of Monkeys Air Force One Scene – How?


  Visual Effects in Barrel Monkey Scene: In a recent interview on http://gizmodo.com with 3 of the special effects masters behind the hot new movie Iron man 3, Chris Townsend, the film’s Visual Effects Supervisor explained how the famour Barrel of Monkey’s scene was created using digital effects. Townsend explained that Iron Man 3 had […]