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I Nearly Threw My Computer Out The Window …


Deedee Davis Featured Artist – Deedee Davis “Inspired by great fantasy artists, great stories … songs … and …men” Dreamlight: What motivated you to get started in 3D? Around 2002, I bought a PS1 and started gaming. The first game I got (Soul Reaver) had an awesome sequence at the beginning that made me really […]


Got Muscles? 3D Modeling Tips To Create Muscular Arms


Beginner 3D Modeling Tips – Source 3DModelingHero.com 3D Modeling Tips – How To Create Muscular Looking Arms Here is a short tutorial adapted from 3dModelingHero.com on how to create big muscles (umjust in 3D lol). Muscular anatomy is great for 3D modeling tutorials because there are so many form variations. You can either go with […]