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3D Animation Abiogenesis – To The Universe And Beyond


3D animation Abiogenesis A spaceship lands on a world and uses its resources to create a profound change. I must admit I have been so used to all the shoot-em-up images and kill them dead with bodies flying through the air games that I was kind of holding my breath for much of the animation. […]


3D Post Work – Post Production Tips


    Source image: http://www.silverblades-suitcase.com/tutorials/htm/38.html 3D Post Work – Post Production Tips I often think that most of the real work comes after you’ve created an image in 3D. I am talking about the process of post-work or post production. In this stage you can seize the chance of correcting or embellishing your image. For […]


3D Featured Artist Hera Of Stockholm


Source: http://hera-of-stockholm.deviantart.com/art/Deborahs-Discovery-428771004 3D Featured Artist  Hera Of Stockholm This week’s featured artist is hera-of-stockholm, who I found on deviantART. Her work is rich in story, internal, reflective, sometimes funny and futuristic. She writes in her Journal entry for 31 March 2014 on deviantART that she has just won the KoSa award (Kingdom of Sweden award) […]


3D Artist – Karl And His Journey


http://karl3d.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/heathersnight-b.jpg 3D Artist – Karl And His Journey Karl, a father of 3 has his formal training in computer programming, and he pursued graphics as more of a “niche career.” In addition to computer graphics, Karl enjoys computer games, sci-fi movies, reading, and creative writing. The following image is Karl’s first ever render: “Sephie Close up” http://karl3d.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/sephie_closeup11.jpg […]


Jamaican 3D Animators Land Disney Deal in “Lucky Fred”


“Lucky Fred” Disney and Nickelodeon Cartoon Jamaican 3D Animators Land Disney Deal in “Lucky Fred” Reel Rock GSW Animation Ltd, a Jamaican animation company, announced that it will be co-producing a cartoon series aired on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Reel Rock GSW Animation disclosed the information this […]

Playstation 4 new 3D graphics

PS4 Improvements – Great Potential for 3D Artists Working on Game Graphics


PS4 Graphics – Chris McMahon What can we expect from the new PlayStation 4? Well, it’s here – 2013 the release of the new console. Among the new gaming devices that are competing for market share are Ouya, Gamestick and Steambox. Mobile devices are showing their muscle with the powerful new tablets and handheld devices. […]