Spring Has Sprung – 3D Fun

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Spring Has Sprung – 3D Fun

Spring has finally arrived in some parts of the world. So perhaps we can be forgiven for thinking of getting outside. There are some flower models and magical beasts on offer, and a few tutorials on how to create landscapes, grassy areas or a fake lake.


To start you could buy these flower models on sale from Daz3D for $5.37, and brighten up a virtual forest.

daz_3d_primroses_spring_has_sprungDAZ 3D PRIMROSES

Bryce 7.1 Pro Vegetation

Then, if you are tired of rocky hills and sand-covered plains you can add vegetation. Take a look at Bryce for your landscape. You can buy Vegetation for $34.95 from here.


There are many tutorials  on how to put together various landscapes. Some of the most interesting include a couple on using their Sky and Fog palette to create natural-looking atmospheric conditions. There is a tutorial on the Bryce Grass Tree Recipe and one on Animating Water in Bryce (CADTutor).

Below you will see a 25 minute video tutorial on YouTube by David Brinnen on the fiddly operation of creating realistic grassy areas using Bryce. It is a very detailed process creating grassy areas, requiring more rendering time than for clouds and a lot of patience.


Thinking again, of spring and being outside. This tutorial shows how to add a lake to a field using Photoshop to create a more interesting environment. Created by Andrei Oprinca (PSD Box), it is about 8 minutes long:

Landscape tools

There are many software tools for creating landscapes and a few are free. Roaming the Web I found this list from the Virtual Terrain Project.

Finally, you can use stills to create dynamic 3D landscape. Michaeljohn Day on Creative Blog reveals how to create a full-motion fly-through sequence using a 3D package and 2D landscape photographs. You will find them on his blog .

Here is wishing all a creative and productive spring 🙂

– Val Cameron/Dreamlight

PS: Master DAZ Studio Lighting, and get your renders GLOWING, check it out HERE

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