SketchUp 2013 – Trimble’s Newest Version of 3D Modeling Platform


SketchUp 2013

At the end of May, 2013, Trimble released SketchUp 2013. This is Trimble’s most recent version of their 3D modeling platform used by millions of architects, building and design professionals and engineers around the globe.

SketchUp 2013 is the first major update since Trimble acquired SketchUp from Google in April 2012.

SketchUp 2013: 3D for Professionals and Hobbyists

Now, adding new extensions to your tool kit has been made super easy, as all you have to do is to install their app on your phone and you can research, find and install tools without even leaving SketchUp. Pretty cool!

You can now fill in patterns like hatching and many other types of shading, you can simply choose from the extensive library, or create your own designs.

The layout code for the screen re-draws have been updated so that your updates are faster.

You can very easily create copies in LayOut, in addition to being able to do them from your keyboard, now in LayOut you simply type the number of copies you want, and type “X” and click enter…really handy!

For times when you need to print large drawings, it is always great to have a vector-rendered version of your SketchUp model views and the new software is doing this in a LOT less time!

The new version even contains dashes for measurements, which is really handy for architects who are trying to read measurements of ceilings etc.

Page numbers have also been added, so that if needed, you can export portions of your document.

The toolbars in Windows used to be an issue as they would move around your screen between sessions! This has now been fixed and now you can even drag icons around and have them where you want em!curved_label_leader_lines

Curved label leader lines that used to take 5 steps (ugh) and two hands, is now a simple drag and click! (see image)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Video! Now you can export your high quality animations with far more ease than before. Picture quality is now better and the file sizes are smaller 🙂

Zoom Zoom Zoom. The SketchUp 2013 version has increases zoom from 1000 % to 10,000 %. Nice!

Although Trimble serves the commercial market with it’s SketchUp Pro, they will still be providing a free, entry-level, 3D drawing tool—re-named SketchUp Make—allowing makers and hobbyists of all kinds to “bring their ideas to life”.

sketch up makeSketchUp Make – Fun, Easy and Entirely FREE …HERE

Have fun:)

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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