Sell Your Stuff with 3DBin – 360 degree animation


3DBin – 360 degree animation

We’ve looked at similar software before, where you make a 3D model by walking around an object and taking a bunch of photos, which then allows you to create a 3D-printed version.

Animate your photos

Here we find we can walk around an object and make a 3D animation. Here the hardware is an iPhone, iPad or regular camera, and the software is called 3DBin — 360° Spin (At writing free, usually US$0.99).

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I was alerted to this information by Tuan, The unofficial Apple Weblog. The writer, Steven Sande, writes, “3DBin also provides a way to do 360° selfies – just use the front camera and take your images as you turn 360° in place, and you end up with a beautiful full panorama with yourself in the middle”.

He also writes, “Be sure to get 3DBin while it’s still free. The app is not universal and is optimized for iPhone 5, requiring iOS 7 or later”.

You can find Steven’s blog here:

On further investigation I find that there is a dedicated 3DBin website, which then directs you to download the (currently) free app from the iTunes store. You can watch the 42-second 3D Bin Promo on YouTube here:

This app will make selling your products or items a lot easier and more entertaining. Cars, for instance, well, you can walk around and take a number of photos, around twenty, and the viewer will be able to spin your car in your ad on-line and take a virtual walk around.


Some of the benefits of using 3DBin are increased sales, saves money because you won’t need multiple photos for vendor sites, and they write it attracts long-term customers. 3DBin also offers detailed text description, hot points and ‘more’. This is because you upload your images to the 3DBin website for conversion to the video version. You need to become a member, which is free.

You can find instructions for taking the photos of the car you want to sell here:

Anna Uvarova, CEO of 3DBin

Here, ( Anna Uvarova, CEO of 3DBin, (on the right) is being interviewed by Funders and Founders after her company became one of the winners at Life 3.0 an innovation show by startups.

ceo_3d_binSource image: 2.06 minutes into

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  1. Kimberly July 28, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

    Thanks, very interesting.

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    This looks great but limiting because it is only for iphone

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