Save Money, Speed Up Rendering + Get Maximum Creativity

Save Money, Speed Up Rendering + Get Maximum Creativity


Most artists spend a lot of money on new props. With new props emerging each day, it’s hard not to. We artsits love diversity. But, what if there was a way to actually get the cookie, without the side effects? There is such a way, more on that in a moment… Now, these beautiful and often huge props, can become these huge memory monsters. Have you ever experienced a prop or scene, that virtually makes your system crawl? Not to mention the slow rendering times?

That all sounds like a fantasy; save money, speed up rendering and get maximum creativity. But yet, it’s very possible.

In fact, you can be doing all that in a few minutes from now.

All you need is DAZ Studio, Photoshop (or any 2D editing software) and google. The heat from the render above, where Cathy is laying down in the hot sand on the beach, is in fact imaginary… She’s virtually laying down on… NOTHING:


Money spent? $0. Time spent? A few minutes… Polygon count? 5… That’s five polygons… Not 500,000…

Rendering time? Through the roof!

So, how does all this work? Simply google for a few cool high resolution images, that either project what you’re after from the front, or from above. The latter is useful for grounds, like the sand Cathy is sitting on. Yes, it’s fake too. In this example, we’ve created a beach setting, with a few palm trees, distant water with sky and even additional off camera palm trees that cast shadows onto the scene.

You simply create plane primitives inside DAZ Studio, and apply the main texture to them. Next, you create an alpha mask or transparency mask for each object, so that the edges become transparent. Add that to the opacity channel of your planes, and you’re done. There are ways of getting all this to look more realistic, with special techniques that let us blend the planes with each other, to create a more fuller and richer 3D experience.

We also have lighting and shadows, that play an important part of the illusion. If you’re intrigued by all this, then I’ve just launched a new program called Create Your Own “3D” Backgrounds… that will let you save money, gain rendering speed and experience maximum creaitivy. Find our more about it HERE.

Keep tweaking!

– Val

P.S. See how you can save money, speed up rendering and get maximum creativity, by creating your own “3D” backgrounds in minutes… Check it out HERE.

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