Ribbit 3D – The Frog With An Identity Crisis


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Ribbit 3D

The frog with an identity crisis.chuck_powers

This post is about 3D creations in Malaysia and a later post will be about 3D in South America.

Ribbit, the Malaysian made film won best family film award at the Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF) 2014 in Canada in June, it is a film with a positive message and is set for release later this year.

Ribbit was directed and written by Chuck Powers, the Chief Creative Officer of Kartun Studios who serves as Vice President of Animation for the KRU Group of Companies.

The 3D film was recorded in Los Angeles, California, development and post-production work was completed in Cyberjaya, Malaysia and animation production in Cyberjaya, Malaysia and Mumbai, India. The film was rendered in Hong Kong, China. So it was a truly global effort.

Here is the video giving some background to Ribbit with Sean Astin, Tim Curry and Russell Peters:

KRU Studios

KRU Studios, was behind the film Ribbit.

ribbit_3d_movieSource image:1.49 min http://youtu.be/cLcgIjdsVPg

From their website: “KRU Studios (KRU) is one of the leading media and entertainment companies in Malaysia”. And, “The company is known for it’s superior photo-real visual effects and digital audio and video production, which is attributed to it’s highly trained personnel, cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment”.

The Executive Producer of ‘Ribbit’ is Norman A. Halim, who is also the Executive President and Group CEO of the KRU Group of Companies. More about Halim on the KRU website states that he is: “Chairman of Recording Industry Malaysia, Chairman of Anti Piracy for the Malaysian Film Producers Association, and Director on the Boards of Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival and Public Performance Malaysia”.

Creative Services

From the KRU Studios website again, “Equipped with cutting edge technology, KRU Studios’ (“KRU”) animation and visual effects team comprise some of the most respected professionals in the South East Asian region. From 2D and 3D cartoon animation to photo real visual effects for blockbuster motion pictures, KRU has a dedicated team to deliver the finest computer generated imageries for various clients’ needs and expectations, domestically and internationally”.

International Films

These include Ribbit, Vikingdom 3D, Deadline and The Malay Chronicles.

international_filmsSource image: http://www.krustudios.com/content/?/products-and-services/international-films#

To find out more about VRU Studios go here: http://www.krustudios.com/


For a taste of the film go here: http://youtu.be/Dkp4gFStQ4I

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