Review: SimTenero Randomizer For DAZ Studio (Random Chicks At DAZ?)

Review: SimTenero Randomizer For DAZ Studio


Has DAZ gone crazy offering random chicks? Hold on, it’s not as bad as it sounds… In fact, you’ll find this amusing (and amazing in many ways). With so many new releases at DAZ, it’s easy to get lost in all the content. DAZ recent release of the Genesis 3 Female (and male) platform, proved to be quite popular. We see a new character, outfit or add on pop up in the store pretty much on a daily basis. While some releases are good, we can certainly do without many of them. But now and then, comes that little THING, that changes the game.


Above image courtesy DAZ 3D and SimTenro.

SimTenro’s Randomizer for DAZ Studio characters really caught our attention, and we decided to give it a go. Could this be an essential add on? Or something we could easily pass on? Read on, and you’ll find out…


Once installed, you can find the script under DAZ Studio Formats -> My Library -> Scripts -> SimTenero -> Randomizer, which you can see in the above screenshot. We’ve also fired up the Alouise Character, Dancing Slip, Layton Hair and Out Of Touch’s Sexy Pumps. Our Genesis 3 female is ready for some random action!

So, what is the Randomizer?

It’s a quick and easy way to instantly alter & tweak the appearance of your female and male (even dragon) characters. It sounds rather weird, why on earth would we want to do that in a random fashion? Well, turns out that by doing so, you’re adding a little random “gene pool” to the equation, making things “not so precise”, and will tweak in unpredicted ways (in ways we would not think of, since we think too much perfection most of the time). By playing with random morphs, you can actually end up having a much more realistic body shape (if there’s such a thing in 3D art).

Standard Options With Lots Of Power


When you double click on the SimTenero Randomizer icon, you’re presented with a window. Here, you can select from all your installed morphs, either by groups or individual body parts. It loads all your installed character full body morphs, as well as individual body part morphs. This is actually very handy, having everything in one place! The controls are pretty straight forward:

Zero All – clears everything and removes all morph modifications

Zero Selection – clears all selected morphs

Clear Selection – unselects all selected morphs

Save Selection – save your current selected morphs (handy when you open /close the window, since it doesn’t remember its settings!)

Load Selection – loads your previously saved selected morphs

Export Shape – exports your current shape as a character preset

Exit – closes the window

Range – goes from 0 to 1, where 0.35 is the default (the more the more aggressive the spectrum of positive / negative random effects)

Randomize Selected Morphs – this is the button you click on to perform the random modification of the selected morphs

Then you have three additional boxes you can tick / untick: Ignore Left / Right Morphs, Randomize Selection and Zero Before Randomizing. The latter being a very useful feature, since it removes previous morph modification prior to adding a new one. Or, you can choose to stack on top of the previous ones, if that’s what you want to do. Maybe you want to add overall modifications, and then focus your selection on specific body parts, and change them in various ways.

Super Fun With Body Parts


It’s very fun to apply morph modifications, especially when you focus on specific body parts, such as shoulders, legs, hips and abdomen. And yes, you might need to re-tweak parts of your poses, since while outfits will re-scale and re-fit, distances also increase. You can tweak length and thickness, plus all the various blends of shapes, such as voluptious, peer figure, thin and so on… However, the most impressive feature of this Randomizer, is the ability to custom shape left / right body parts individually.


Above image courtesy DAZ 3D and SimTenro.

This is what will really make your characters stand out, and look much more realistic than anything out there. Let’s face it, no human beeing has an identical left / right side, and by tapping into custom left / right body morphs, of course within “human” limits, you can end up with really impressive morphs.

So, How Is This Script In Real Action?


Although it sounds really impressive, and it is a lot of fun, there are things that can be improved. The first thing that strikes me, is that this window is always on top. That means, you cannot put it among the other tabs in your DAZ Studio layout. Although having it “always floating” makes it easy to find, it makes switching between the DAZ Studio scene and the Randomizer pretty impossible, since you’ll be using either one of them at each time. For instance, once you apply a random morph, it would be nice to view the character from multiple angles or apply a different pose and such. Now, you have to close the Randomizer window, then do the DAZ Studio changes, and then fire it up again. However, doing so will reset all your selections (unless you save them first).

Also, we lack some basic functions such as Undo. Another, quite annoying thing is that we cannot select all morphs, or morphs between the one selected, and another one some steps below (while holding the SHIFT key on a PC). Instead, you have to wade through all of them, and there’s a LOT of them, and select them one by one.

So, looking aside the GUI that can be improved, this fun script is very powerful, and super fun to use. It costs $21.95 regular, and it’s currently on a 30% off sale over at DAZ, so it holds lots of value. Instead of buying a gazzilion new characters each week, why not get this single item, and add a ton of variations with a few mouse-clicks? Random chicks ain’t that bad after all!

Our Verdict:


SimTenero Randomizer For DAZ Studio

Ease Of Use: Ok – 3 / 5, Offers simple basic functinality but lacks window docking which prohibits “multitasking” between the script and DAZ Studio, lacks undo and easy multiple morph selection. Displays all your installed morphs, both individual body part morphs as well as full character figure morphs.

Effects: Great – 5 / 5, The possibility to randomize invidiual body parts as well as between full characters and left / right body parts creates truly amazing and life-like morphs. You can add random morph variations on top of eachother or from zero position, ranging from subtle to extreme.

Price: Good – 4 / 5, $21.95 reg. price

Go get it HERE and start creating your own awesome morph mods!

– Val Cameron

Keep Tweaking!

P.S. Grab this cool script HERE.

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  1. Sonja Mcclung January 12, 2016 at 5:18 pm #

    I have this and I LOVE it! And the vendor is working on some updates now- I know an undo button is already on the update list and should arrive as soon as Daz does its testing thing. A couple of other things I think are being tweaked as well. I have been able to create some absolutely stunning characters with this.

  2. carlos guimarães January 12, 2016 at 9:26 pm #


  3. Felix Rodriguez January 13, 2016 at 9:28 pm #

    I’ve been using the Script for about a month now, and cannot emphasize more the point that the characters created seem a lot more “real” than otherwise “perfect” bodies.

    The review does echo my own observations – it would be very convenient to be able to switch between the Script box and the Daz program to look at the results, before randomizing again.

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