Render Boost Plugin for Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering of Interior Design Images

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Render Boost Plugin – Live Interior 3D

The new Render Boost plugin for Live Interior 3D has opened up a whole new realm for interior designers. This really cool rendering tool helps its users to export their projects to photo-realistic, high res images. For professional designers and home improvement enthusiasts alike, the RenderBoost plugin is being well received and is definitely giving impressive results. (See image above as an example)

Materials and Finishes with Render Boost Plugin

Although a project that has been exported to Render Boost contains everything that was applied in Live Interior 3D. Render Boost has its very own high-quality materials and finishes that give it the realistic appearance. These are also easy to apply within Render Boost.


Render Boost gives you total control over the ambient lighting, reflections and shadows by way of customizable exterior lights, geographic location settings and studio lighting. You can simply make a few tweaks to the parameters which wil give you the feel for how the interior lighting should be added. It will also help you with the ambient lighting solutions for the interior image.


 Snapshot Rendering Pre-Sets

SnapShots (the rendering pre-sets), makes it so easy to compare the different looks and styles of your interior. When it is all set up, Render Boost memorizes your settings for materials, lighting, cameras,background and model sizes with one click. No more exporting to an image file between each style, now you can just save multiple SnapShots and render them in batches at the end!

Realistic Backgrounds

In Render Boost, simply use your 2D image or 3D landscape and set them as the background. This makes the design so much more realistic than before.

Realistic_BackgroundsInsert Realistic Backgrounds (Source:

Render Boost plugin has made the architect or interior designers presentations come to life and is great fun for a tech saavy home improvement enthusiast as they can see their project come to life and play around with what works and what doesn’t. This plugin has gotten a huge thumbs up 🙂

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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    Render Boost Plugin for Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering of Interior Design Images, sounds great but is it affordable and where can novices get their hands on it for a great price?


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