Ramon Bruin’s 3D Sketches that Come Alive – Creatures and Objects Emerging Out of Paper


Come fly with me: Three airplanes appear to take flight from the cleverly placed papers on the floor, Ramon Bruin (UK Daily Mail)

The UK Daily Mail newspaper recently published an article containing some awesome 3D sketches.

The article outlines the work of a Dutch artist that has created a series of 3D sketches using “a technique similar to airbrushing, making everything from planes to contorted faces pop out of the sheet.”

Ramon Bruin, a 31 year old professionally schooled airbrush artist. His work using pen and paper is truly makes you wonder what is art and what is reality. Bruin has called his technique, “anamorphosis” but won’t give much detail on how he creates his spectacular images. Bruin has been using this technique for more than 10 years!

More Ramon Bruin's 3D Sketches

What we do know is that Bruin adds art supplies, pens and erasers and even positions his own hand in the photos to bring the illustrations to life. The truth is that his paintings are so life like that they look like photographs. He often uses props to make his images come alive

Bruin studyied airbrushing at the Airbrush Academy in Lelystad, The Netherlands, and later formed his own company, JJK Airbrush.

Bruin stated that, “the challenge in making anamorphic illustrations is not only to make the drawings look 3D, but that the pictures of the illustrations look 3D as well. This depth can only been seen from a certain angle. I also experimented with light and with the correct light it appeared the drawing came off the paper.”

3D sketches

Ramon Bruin’s Sketch

I have included a few of the photographs from the UK Daily Mail article in this post. If you want to see more of his work you can see them here.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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