Puff 3D Short Film Wins Multiple Awards

Puff_3D_multiple_awards.pngPuff Sweeps Multiple Awards at International Animation Awards : http://www.animationxpress.com

Puff 3D – Pulls in Awards!

The 3D Animation Short Film, “Puff”  was awarded the Best Character Animation Category, Best Stylization and Best 3D film Gold award at 24FPS International Animation Awards.The 5 mins 33 seconds Short Film which was directed by Vijosh Nair and Harishankar Agnihotri. The film is directed at kids that love  an imaginary world.

You can see PUFF for yourself here

Puff is a story about a heartless witch with no trace of love and compassion who is blinded by the “darkness of her karma which is the reason of her dying heart”. She practiced her magic on all the good she saw around her, turning it into “a dark mischief.” “Her furious attempts to heal her heart by her alchemy and magic failed no matter what she tried. Until there was a day destined to change her story by the hands of a child who’s heart was as pure as a gem.”

Puff_3D_crewThe “Puff” crew 🙂

Puff 3D

Vijosh Nair and Harishankar Agnihotri (Directors) and the staff of  MAAC Borivali above celebrate their awards!

They used a wide range of camera angles for the film added up to a detailed view to the dynamic actions that take place in all of the scenes. “Zoom in and Close up shots were specifically used to move the focus of the audience towards the background colors and the expressions of the witch as well.” atated Kundan Patil, a Production team member for Puff.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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