PS4 Improvements – Great Potential for 3D Artists Working on Game Graphics

Playstation 4 new 3D graphics

PS4 Graphics – Chris McMahon

What can we expect from the new PlayStation 4?

Well, it’s here – 2013 the release of the new console. Among the new gaming devices that are competing for market share are Ouya, Gamestick and Steambox. Mobile devices are showing their muscle with the powerful new tablets and handheld devices. But what has everybody talking are the new consoles and the real buzz is how will the capabilities of the new PlayStation 4 affect the 3D atrists that work on game graphics?

Memory and GPU Performance

The most significant leap in the console takes place in the memory and GPU performance. It is a huge jump! So how will that affect the 3D artists?

1. Great quality of textures

No longer will the 3D artist be confined to memory constraints of the past. There will be a major improvement in the resolution and texture and as such we will see a major difference in the immersive impact of the game.

2. New geometry formats

As we are aware, graphics hardware is designed to process tons of triangles. In fact the foundation is the texture mapped triangle and that is here to stay. This has created a barrier between animated films and games. What we are going to see now is that more film technologies will be used, and some developers will begin making games that do not use triangles at all! The creativity is unleashed here 🙂

3. Post Production “wows”

A lot of the techniques that give film its finished appearance are arrived at in ‘post’, where multiple effects are layered on top of one other to create the final image. The next generation will use these techniques in the interactive realm, with local, dynamic control.

4. Dynamic lighting and shadowing

In the next generation of consoles shadowing and dynamic lighting will take place. Developers of games will now be capable of deploying film cinematography techniques in games using dynamic lighting that is an integral part of the design.

5. No more debates

When we reach the end of the console cycle we know how to arrive at great graphics, physics, or AI, or gameplay. But we are aware that we are unable to do them all simultaneously. The new generation ends these debates or compromises as, the new resources remove the constraints.

The next generation of game graphics is raising the quality bar on all levels, and opening up new ways for artists to create even better results. Improved graphics, more immersion and dynamism are the tools of the next generation.

-Val Cameron / Dreamlight

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One Response to “PS4 Improvements – Great Potential for 3D Artists Working on Game Graphics”

  1. Adam June 12, 2013 at 9:15 pm #

    Wow! What an uninformative article! Great quality of textures? What resolutions can now be rendered in real time while maintaining a playable frame rate? How about that new geometry format? What is it, voxels? Post production? Welcome to every game in recent memory. Dynamic lighting? That essentially has been around since the N64, disregarding the low quality. If you haven’t noticed, any horror game for example, in the past decade has made an extensive use of dynamic lighting and shadows to fully visualize the mood.

    I’m guessing you saw higher specs and connected it with general game development terms.

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