How To Pose Sexy V6 Legs (It’s Not What You Think)

How To Pose Sexy V6 Legs (It’s Not What You Think)


In just about 93 seconds from now, you’ll know one of the biggest secrets when it comes to posing female legs, and making them look smoking hot. How do I know? Well, spending a decade and a half with a video camera, shooting nude women professsionaly does things to you. (Not all good, but that’s a different story) I remember a particular model, Linda. She was young and unexperienced, and felt really unsecure on the set and despite her good looks, she didn’t feel comfortable being a woman.

There she was, dressed in a sexy black short dress, black stay ups, black high heeled pumps with gorgeous blonde hair and a make up to die for. I asked her to sit down on the chair in front of the camera. She did. And it looked awful. Despite an hour in front of the make up artist, it didn’t just feel right. It’s one of those moments as an artist; you realize this is going to be so damn good… And gee, what a disappointment.

This girl was totally unaware of her sexual power, but a simple shift made the scene work beautifully. Can you keep them together? Yes, keep your legs together, I said. Immediately, within just 1 second, she looked almost drop dead gorgeous. There was one more thing… Have you ever seen a dressed up woman, maybe on a party or something, trying to sit with her feet in a 90 degree angle? Not a beautiful sight. See, women are curvaceous, their bodies are flowing in arches and not straight lines. You want to maintain that degree of delicacy in your renders (or photos for that matter).

Women that are highly aware of their own femininity do this on auto; they stretch their feet. They keep their legs together. They move gracefully. What, something wrong with a tom boy? Not at all, that’s not what I’m saying here. I’m talking about feminine 3D renders of gorgeous Victora 6 models, with the focus on legs & heels. Now, there’s a lot more to this than what I can cover in this short blog post. Things that literally alter and bend the reality of the beholder.

There’s lighting tricks, clothing tricks, tricks you can do with the camera, with the female body; the list goes on an on. It’s a fascinating subject in illusion, and beauty.

For sure, these two simple tricks; keep them together and stretch the feet, will take you a long way. When it comes to keeping the legs together, you can either try keeping the entire legs together, or just at knee height. Of course, there is a time and place to do the opposite, which can be used in lots of cool ways, more on that later… Test it in your next render and see the immediate difference. Now, I’m late for my next render… Victoria 6 is on the set, and I need to tell her a few pointers… You get my drift…

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– Val Cameron

P.S. Master DAZ Studio 4.8 rendering of beautiful Victoria 6’s legs in heels, lit with gorgeous Iray lighting. Click HERE to find out more.




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