I was thinking about the use of perspective in 3D, and found that there are several meanings, one meaning is for designing how an app will appear on a mobile or a tablet.

Perspective mockups

The Photoshop plug-in for Mac and Windows that will create a mock-up of your design is brought to you by in conjunction with You can download it for $19.00 HERE. You are warned about the language used on this site. The creators say this plug-in makes “presenting your ideas a breeze”.

You can find many free mock-ups, including Isometric Perspective Screens Mock-Up, 3D Perspective Mock-up from Dribbble and Perspective App Screen Mock-up. For more information go HERE

The other perspective

The perspective I was really thinking about is how things look smaller as they go away from you, how parallel lines seem to come closer together as they move further away from you. How you can get a sense of perspective and depth if you change the color slightly towards blue going into the background.

Also, if you take photos of buildings, you have probably noticed that they sometimes look like they are too tired to stand up straight. This is called keystoning and is caused by the camera and building being at different angles. In Photoshop CS2, Adobe you can use the Lens Correction filter. A good tutorial can be found HERE

The app to use for Mac is DxO Perspective, which costs $12.99 and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. (See uncorrected view from video.


With DxO Perspective you can easily correct photos and adjust the perspective. You can even adjust the viewing point, say of a photo of a painting taken at an uncomfortable angle, you can correct this so you are seeing it straight on. Works with JPEG and (8- and 16-bit) TIFF images. Available in English, French, German, and Japanese!

Then, Steven Aguilera in his book, The New Perspective, writes: “Today’s technology emphasizes the importance of instruction focusing less upon memorizing drawing techniques and more on understanding the effects of seeing objects from different perspectives. Oddly, this is something perspective books rarely, if ever, touch upon.” If you want to read the book and find out more about perspective you can download it from here

Finally to leave you something that ties Storyboards to Perspective, a 10-minute video showing how to use Free 3D software (SketchUp) for perspective drawing.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

PS: Want to make your photos and renders POP? Master Photoshop and become a 2D Postwork Master HERE



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