Now You Have the Perfect Character – What Background Will You Use?

Now You Have the Perfect Character – What Background Will You Use?


It always comes back to the same question….

You just start loading a character, you find the right texture, a good pose, a nice cloth and hair that fits well….but….what will you put around the character to create that perfect looking image you are after?

Every time I start a render, it’s always the same nightmare….What scene will I use?

There are many good artists that have created large props, but a few of them do REALLY outstanding work.

I realized that each time I was doing a render, I found myself automatically browsing through props from 2 particular artists: Stonemason and Jack Tomalin.

I find that setting good camera angles, finding an interesting lightning and finding the perfect way to express what I want, having space to set the focus and having enough flexibility or finding the different angles – if I’m not satisfied, everything is then made possible with products from these artists.

If it’s not already done, here are some ideas to fill your Runtime.

I will focus on props that you can use on most of your renders.

I really love the versatility of this one:

Street of London from Stonemason


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

Very nice textures, you can create tons of situations depending on your camera angle and your frame.


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

From the Victorian era to today, this can be used for every European location of your scene. Not modern architecture I admit, but so nice!


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

The Streets of Asia 2 from Stonemason


(Image courtesy of DAZ)


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

Perfect for your Asian location images, full of details and colors. I love to play with DOF with this set to enhance my character’s appearance!!

There is also the famous “Street of Asia” I have used this many times to illustrate my training:

The Village Courtyard from Stonemason


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

A must have! Most of the common situations or actions can take place in this prop!

Romance, desperate situations, secret affairs, fighting action….Everything from middle age to current time can be done!


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

This view lets you imagine all you can express with just a single portion of this prop!!

Urban-sprawl-2-the-big-city from Stonemason

This one is really one of my favorite to use for a North American “clean” environment.

It’s a very huge modular prop with endless possibilities.


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

Each module contains a very large block.

It’s quite old now and not based on Iray Shader. With a little work, you can re set the shader and get exceptional results!!!


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

Those images are large but believe me, even at eye level and quite close up, the results are well worth the money.

Marrakesh-souks-2012 by Jack Tomalin

North Africa location, the right place for dreams…


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

I have seen so many renders done with this set. It has inspired so many people…


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

The quality is just amazing, so many details, perfect to help your creativity flow

Recently it has been updated for Iray, so, it’s really a great product to have in your content library


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

Baroque Grandeur by Jack Tomalin

Luxury render, interior scene….Well, I chose this one, he did so many amazing props fitting the subject. This one is really great and there are lots of add on’s to fit your needs.


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

A good lightning technique is necessary to get the best out of this incredible set, but the results are worth the effort…So many great effects to achieve with this one!


(Image courtesy of DAZ)

Well, these are a few ideas on how you can get some of the best props available on the market to finally do the most important thing for your creations: Setting a nice scene with some dramatic lights to get the best image ever!

Finding the right place to express the right situation…These artists with exceptional skills are some of the people that can help you surpass your limits!!!


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3 Responses to “Now You Have the Perfect Character – What Background Will You Use?”

  1. BC Shelby March 31, 2016 at 9:15 pm #

    …I have a number of sets by both Jack and Stefan, some mentioned above. Other ones by these artists which I frequently use include (Stonemason) Tin Pan Alley, NYC Townhouses, Streets of the Mediterranean, City Ruins, Dark Places Bundle (Jack Tomalin), The Library, Invetero, the West Park Series, the Parkside Series, Curious and Dubious Series, as well as his smaller vignettes, like Deco Bus Stop, Shelter, and Noveau Vignette.

    Cannot wait until Stefan’s Urban Sprawl 3 is released.

    There are also some very nice settings by other PA’s including Preadtron3D, DZFire, Larsen, Ansiko Imaginary House, and TheAntFarm.

  2. Jayne Wilson April 1, 2016 at 4:31 pm #

    Great article. I’ve lost track of the number of times I have used the Village Courtyard and I recently got Streets of Old London. Now I’m going to be looking at some of these other sets.

  3. Dan April 14, 2016 at 1:29 am #

    I totally agree. Hope Urban Sprawl 3 comes out soon!
    Faveral does some really nice work also, but not a lot of Iray shaders.

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