Movie Maker 2 Quick Set: Marrakesh

Immediately get rid of 90% of your frustration and time spent doing 3D animations… Your MAGIC 3D button has arrived.

Animation and still art in DAZ Studio has never been faster and easier. The bestselling Movie Maker 1 plug in changed the whole DAZ 3D community when it came out in 2009. Now, you’re invited to a whole new dimension… Imagine a completely empty scene. You add a V4 and animate her with an aniBlock. You then load a “magic set” and hit render. And out comes a complete music video! Forget all the tedious scene set up, hours of work with lighting, shadows, camera positioning, tweaking 100’s of GUI settings and waiting 18 hours for a single render to finish…

Introducing the new stand alone “load and render” Movie Maker 2 “Marrakesh” Quick Set – Available NOW!

The fastest way to work with animations is to use pre-rendered elements. Over 700 work hours and a combined 20+ years of experience have been put into this product, so you can experience rendering in seconds per frame without all the hassle of lighting, editing and designing on your own. If you put a value of just $4 per hour, that’s $2800 of USD of 3D animation value. If you hire a professional 3D artist to do similar work for you, you would end up with at least $50-80 per hour. Not to mention the advanced hardware and software used.

And you can get all that for $32!


– Get a complete edited 3D animation. You literary just insert your figure into it.

– Save weeks or even months of rendering time and experience EXTREME rendering speed in seconds per frame even on older machines.

– No scene, lighting, shadow or camera set up, just add your figure(s), animate them, load the MM2 Quick Set and render.

– No Movie Maker 2 Quick Set tweaking required (No user interface available).

Right click HERE to download a 286 Mb WMV HD 1280 x 720 preview (no figures)

(This preview and all other previews of this plug in do not reflect the final quality of the product)


How does the MM2 Marrakesh Quick Set work?

The Movie Maker concept is that instead of having a high polygon memory hog of a prop in your scene and forcing your 3D software to do all the heavy lighting and shadow calculations each frame, a series of pre-rendered images act as background and foreground elements, thus eliminating most of the rendering. The result is lightening fast rendering and beautiful quality graphics at your finger tips.

Movie Maker 2 Marrakesh Quick Set is a series of pre-rendered high quality backgrounds using the gorgeous “Kingdom of Marrakesh” prop by Redhouse Studios, combined with a control plug in that will immerse your characters with full lighting, shadows and professional camera work that’s all already done and edited for you. You literary just load the Movie Maker 2 Quick Set to your existing figures around the center in your scene and hit render. It’s that simple. You control the characters and what they do, the plug in will do the rest. You can render the entire animation or choose a section that suits your needs or even render stills. The plug in will give you full preview of each frame, so you can position your characters live.

More Movie Maker 2 Quick Sets are will be released on a regular basis, including sceneries such as prison, woods, egyptian structures and alien worlds.

Advanced Features:

– 1280 x 720 HD high quality JPG backgrounds.

– 7414 frames (or 4.9 minutes) at 25 fps.

– You can use them to render stills or full animation.

– Background pre-rendered on a 64 bit 8 core PC with Lightwave 9.6, giving you absolute top quality renders with radiosity.

– Alpha masks control foreground elements, giving a perfect immersion of your characters behind pillars, props or trees.

– Advanced state of the art post-work filters applied for a professional look.

– Renders in approx 3 sec per frame on a 8 core 64 bit PC, and approx 20-40 sec per frame on a 32 bit 2 core PC at 1280 x 720. Rendering at lower resolutions will result in even faster rendering times. Lowering to 800 x 450 will cut the rendering speed almost three times. An older PC is suddenly no longer an excuse to not produce fancy animations!

– Advanced professional pre-edited camera motions.

– Render the entire animation or render the parts you like.

– Full preview during design mode, so that you can position and animate your characters with the background and foreground elements in place.

– The plug in is invisible and works in the background.

– A Movie Maker 2 Quick Set Render menu item is added, so you can start the rendering.

– MM2 Quick Set Marrakesh is a stand alone plug in and set of background images. Movie Maker 1 is not required.

– PC and MAC, 32 and 64 bit.

– MM2 Quick Set Marrakesh comes without music and you can easily add your own music clip via DAZ Studio prior rendering your animation or add it later in a video editing software if you choose to.

Q & A: How does the Movie Maker 2 Quick Sets compare to Movie Maker 1?

– MM2 Quick Sets offer animated camera motions, as compared to MM1’s static camera nodes.

– MM 2 Quick Sets are fully automated and offer no user control over the camera, saving you lots of time and giving professional pre-edited camera motions.

– MM 2 Quick Sets have no GUI, thus it’s as simple as load and render

– Just as with MM1, MM2 Quick Sets give a perfect match between your DAZ Studio figure(s) and the pre-rendered backgrounds, with full lighting and shadows.

– MM2 Quick Sets use alpha masks to control foreground objects, thus giving a perfect immersion of your characters behind pillars and trees.

– MM1 requires a main plug in and separate background packages. MM2 Quick Sets are stand alone “plug and play”.

– Can the MM2 “Marrakesh” Quick Set animations be used in conjunction with the MM1 “Marrakesh Daytime” background package animations? Yes and no. The new enhanced look of the MM2 Quick Sets is not compatible with the MM1 look. However, there will be a special download link to a separate version that has the same look and feel as the MM1 backgrounds, so that you can mix and match them in an editing software and produce the results you’re after.



– DAZ Studio 32 or 64 bit (PC or MAC).

– V4 / M4 or other figures of similar height such as V1, V2, V3 or M1, M2 and M3.

– Optional: Audio / Music clip that you can add to your DAZ Studio scene.

– Optional: aniMate aniBlock(s) (aniMate Lite and some aniBlocks come as standard with DAZ Studio).

– Optional: Video editing software in case you want to re-edit the animation or mix your own audio.