La Piazza










La Piazza will send you through time and space to a Mediterranean town, where colors, shapes and light carefully surround your creativity with a warm sun haze… The sheer size of this town, the ease of use and all the detailed textures makes it an adventure in it self, and even more so for your characters and props!
Dreamlight and 2Create joined forces and created this painfully detailed large scale town prop, now available in a special version, with a HUGE discount. All promo renders done in DAZ Studio (native 3Delight render engine), using the included DS light set.

View a 20 min WMV video overview and see the town in action: La Piazza Overview (full version). Download MP4 version HERE.










  • Full Poser and DAZ Studio Versions (Two separate ZIP files)
  • All the promos were done in DAZ Studio 3 with the included light set (With additional glow / bloom effects in Photoshop / The Gimp)
  • 195 detailed unique high rez textures, up to 2048 x 2048 (7000 x 3500 for the SkyDome)
  • Use of custom made Displacement Maps and Bump Maps add incredible realism
  • Clever use of background buildings gives you lots of camera freedom and depth – from close ups to large vistas
  • Flat Main Streets, which makes positioning of your characters / cars a breeze – especially with animation
  • 50 DAZ Studio Camera Presets
  • DAZ Studio version comes with 2 light sets based on the bestselling Light Dome PRO 1 / 2
    • Light Set Default – Optimized quality / speed ratio
    • Light Set Speed – renders 4-10 times faster
  • Complete town in 11 parts for easy loading
  • Church with Church Tower, Courtyard and Stairs
    • Church Terrace
    • Streets and Pavement
    • Town Part 1
    • Town Part 2
    • Town Part 6
    • Town part 7
    • Background Buildings 2
    • Background Buildings 3
    • Center with a Water Pump
    • Skydome with a custom made 360 degree panoramic backdrop
  • Additional props can be loaded and positioned freely:
    • Bike
    • Bench
    • Table
    • Pillar
    • Blue Pot
    • Blue Pot Plant 1
    • Brown Pot Plant 1
    • Brown Pot Plant 2
    • Yucca 1
    • Yucca 2
    • Yucca 3
    • Square Pot Plant
    • Street Lamp
    • Wall Lamp
  • Additional props populate the scene and can be turned on/off with a single mouse click per town part:
    • Window Plants
    • Blue Potted Plants
    • Brown Potted Plants 1 + 2
    • Square Potted Plants
    • Yucca Plants 1, 2 and 3
    • Bicycles
    • Wooden planks
    • Tables
    • Benches
    • Wall Lights
    • Street Lights
    • Chessboard
    • Newspaper
    • Water Pump
  • Light and Camera presets are for DAZ Studio Only
  • User Guide Included

NOTE: This version is identical to the full version offered earlier, with the following changes: High rez textures (above 3K) are reduced to 2K. Town Parts 3,4 + 5, Background Buildings 1 and High Rez Light Set are not included. (See top view reference image above for more clarity). Please note: Promo images are from full version and may differ slightly









– DAZ Studio or above (works well in DS 4)