Dream Lounge


Dreamlight’s Dream Lounge

$34.95 $24.44 – SAVE 30%

Complete DAZ Studio scene with lights and camera presets. Just load and render. (Promo images done in DS 3 + 4 native 3Delight and Reality / Lux Render engine)



Relaxing Dream Lounge

Dreamlight’s Dream Lounge is a beautifully detailed prop with outstanding details. Dream Lounge comes ready with a breathtaking DAZ Studio light set, based on the bestselling Light Dome PRO technology – ensuring that no matter where you aim the camera, you’ll get professional and great looking lighting. Speaking of camera angles, you’ve got several to choose from.



  • DAZ Studio 3 or 4 only (DS or above)
  • All promo image done in DAZ Studio 3 + 4 with the included light set (With additional glow / bloom effects in Photoshop) or Reality 2.2 / Lux Render Engine
  • Detailed unique high rez textures
  • Use of custom made bump maps add incredible realism
  • 4 Camera Presets (16:9 screen ratio)
  • DAZ Studio light set based on the bestselling Light Dome PRO technology with sky light, sun light, ambient light and bounce light
  • Main Lobby / Lounge doors open-able
  • Walls, Floor, Ceiling, Ceiling Rope Light, DOuble Sofa, Floor Sofa, Main Sofa, Floor Lamp, Doors, Door Hangles, Glass, Small Corner Sofa, Main Tables, Floor Sofa Table, DVD Player, Sub-Woofer, Two Small Speakers, TV, Lounge Room, Detailed Lobby Background Set, Stairs, Cellar Floor, Reilings, Plants, Pots, Pot Soil, Bridge and Metal Details. All prop groups easily hide-able / movable.
  • Skydome with a custom made 360 degree panoramic backdrop