Castle Door

Dreamlight’s Castle Door $9.95

Poser – DAZ Studio – Lightwave – OBJ


Romantic Corner Full Of Mystery

Dreamlight’s Castle Door is a beautifully detailed prop with the right kind of mediterranean / castle mood. Lightwave version is a complete scene you can load and render, as seen in the promo images. DAZ Studio version compatible with Light Dome PRO and Light Dome PRO 2 for beathtaking renders stright from DAZ Studio.


  • DAZ Studio Version will load in DS and above – including DS 4
  • Lightwave version as seen in promo images, including scene with full lighting
  • Lightwave scene will load in LW 9.6 and above. Model will load in any LW version.
  • Poser version will load in Poser 6 and above (tested in Poser 6 / 7)
  • OBJ version will load in any 3D application capable of reading OBJ + MTL files
  • Detailed high rez textures ranging from 607 x 607 to up to 2048 x 2048
  • Use of custom made Displacement Maps and Bump Maps add incredible realism
  • Flat Main Floor, which makes positioning of your characters a breeze – especially with animation

Castle Door Installation for DAZ Studio 3

Unzip the file and open the DAZ Studio folder. You should see a folder named “content”. Locate your two content folders within your DAZ 3D / Studio 3 / folders. On a PC, usually Program/DAZ3D/Studio3/content and under My Documents/DAZ3D/Studio3/content. Open each studio3 folder so that you can see the content folder. Now, just copy and paste the content folder you found in the ZIP by dragging and dropping it over your both DAZ 3D content folders. And that’s it! Locate the icon in DAZ Studio in your your content tab under studio 3 / Dreamlight / Castle Door.

Terms and Payment instructions