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From a post on the Gamasutra website (the Art and Business of Making Games), I learned that we can now “Import 3D animated characters into Photoshop CC”.

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This service is provided in collaboration with the animation company Mixamo.

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The Mixamo website explains that: “With Mixamo, Photoshop CC 2014 users can create and use highly customizable royalty-free 3D animated characters in any Photoshop project by following a simple workflow.

For more details here is the link to the Mixamo and Photoshop workflow:

Below is a video hosted by Allison Tinney of Miximo, who explains how to import characters created in Daz Studio. Covers use of Michael, Victoria and child characters. Importation does not affect clothing or morph adjustments.

Mixamo – Get your characters moving in minutes, not days…

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For those using Daz Studio, here is a link to Mixamo for a tutorial on Creating animation for Daz Studio:

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Just a note, you sign up for free and then you get to upgrade to a paid plan starting out at around US$250 for the year with 60 animations.

News Clip

Remember bear on stairs? Well this is another angle on the theme of 3D printed figures turned into film.

On Motherboard, Victoria Turk writes about Julian Maire, the French artist who created a 3D movie of a man digging a hole, where you don’t need special spectacles to view it.

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She writes, “A series of 85 small 3D-printed figures—a man in various stages of digging a hole—passes through a slide projector at a consistent programmed speed to create a film less than a minute long. It’s much like a hand-drawn flip book or an old-school animation, except using 3D models gives the images a depth of field that looks truly three-dimensional”. To read her article go here:

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  1. Larry November 7, 2014 at 2:14 am #

    Look like a really kool idea. 250 a year for 60 frames seems a bit steep for the occasional user. I would need to see their library, as I am sure there are far more than 60 frames to choose from.
    But I will check it out!!!

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