Noah’s Epic Rain & the Demise of Windows XP

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This time we take a speedy ride around the Internet to see what is out there.

Noah’s Epic Rain –  Flooding rains controlled by custom iPad App

There is an interesting short video on creating the torrential downpour scenes in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Something to remember from the video is that rain is backlit and snow is lit from the front. All of this rain and the machines to generate it were controlled by a single custom iPad App. Here is a video with Mike Seymour for Wired talking about creating the flooding rains:

Additional water simulations and VFX were created by Industrial Light and Magic overseen by Ben Snow. I also see that LookFX and were also involved and Ben Snow mentions Blind Squirrel Props.

Here is an hour long interview on the creation of the visual effects, animals and water simulations with Ben Snow ILM visual effects supervisor with Mike Seymour:

There is more information on how this movie was put together from fx insider:

Round 3 planned for Captain America


This comic book hero is set to return to theaters (near you) in round 3 on 6 May 2016. You can find much more about the movie here from Screenrant

Demise of Windows XP a ‘tech headache’

windows_XPSource of image:

As you have all heard, Windows has pulled the plug on its most successful and popular version XP. However, if you are a government then you have probably negotiated extended support for this software for your civil service. Statistics suggest that 20 to 25 percent of users are using this system.

To quote Tom Espiner, Business reporter’s article for the BBC World Service, “Some experts think that small businesses can use the end of XP support as a spur to move from a locally-stored software model to one involving web-based services.

“There has certainly been plenty of hype around ‘the cloud’ over the last year or so.” For more information Go to BBC World Service for more info.

Just a thought … how many of us are still using Windows XP?

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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