LightWave Talent – Amazing Inspiration from Japan


Japanese Power Artist Displays Amazing LightWave Talent

Naoya Kurisu, a freelance “CG Creator” from Japan has stolen the show and has recently been awarded the title of Power Artist. Naoya left the corporate hustle and bustle to become a freelance artist, and although he initially focused on architectural engineering, he has now broadened his horizons to include 3D animation and storyboarding.

Naoya’s work is truly stunning and shows what is possible in the world of 3D animation. When asked what his aspirations were concerning his work as a talented 3D artist or animator, Naoya indicated that he handles every aspect of the projects for his clients. He directs, writes and creates all scenarios, storyboards, animation and models from beginning to end.

How Does He Do It?

Naoya uses a lot of young girls and children as his models and when asked about this he stated, “I am always focusing on how to create beautiful CG ladies—and using the tools in LightWave to transform those ladies to cute girls. And I am constantly searching for ways to create characters that do not look real but yet maintain a realistic beauty that is somewhat coquettish in appearance.”

The power artist of May 2013 uses the features of LightWave to paint, sculpt and render his 3D models to create his anime-style results that are so realistic!

On further discussion he mentioned that the VPR (Viewpoint Preview Renderer) in LightWave has been the most useful tool as it allows him to quickly see how his creation is evolving and coming together on the screen. Since he also uses the Borderline plugin (D – Storm) he was thrilled to find that this is supported by VPR.

Naoya starts his projects with hand drawn sketches and then builds them out using his 3D software. This LightWave talent has some exceptional work and is also creating some animation and hoping to broaden his scope even further using LightWave 11.5

When asked what tools he used for surfaces, texture, rendering and lighting he said that he uses 3D-COAT for his texture painting and BodyPaint3D for painting. For plug-ins, he said that he often uses DP_Kit, DP_Filter, db&w Tools and AE Link.

-Val Cameron / Dreamlight

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  1. HeatherT June 8, 2013 at 3:30 am #

    The beautiful simplicity and purity of this Japanese artist’s work is superb and thanks to Val Cameron for writing this article. I am always amazed at the insight and talent of “Dreamlight” (Val Cameron) who has helped very many digital artists to develop their skills
    Trust this Swedish master, “Jack of all trades” – to help you on your way in whatever artistic area you want to develop.
    Go check him out!. . . . . I did and have been amazed at how small steps, made simple, can lead to huge steps of artistic development. Thank you Dreamlight! You have certainly lit up my artistic dreams.

    • Val Cameron June 14, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

      Heather, thank you so much for the amazing feedback! I’m very humble to be part of all your amazing magic! 🙂

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