LightWave 11.6 Capture, Adjust, and Retarget Motion Data to 3D Models

LightWave 11.6 Capture, Adjust, and Retarget Motion Data to 3D Models

Newtek ships LightWave 11.6, including the plugin NevronMotion and ChronoSculpt allows for the use of a sculpting tool twhich allows you to sculpt models into animations! (Source:


New Tek announced their final release of LightWave 11.6 at SIGGRAPH this year. This software coupled with the NevronMotion plugin allows’ “users to quickly and easily capture, adjust, and re-target motion data to 3D model” inside LightWave with the use of a Microsoft Kinect camera.

The recent release: NewTek’s 3D modelling, animation, and rendering software also facilitates things like 3D printing support and the ability to review in stereoscopic 3-D. It also contains a Spline Control tool, enabling objects to perform as nodes in a spline to control objects slike tentacles, whips and tails and elevators.

Here is a 3 min video explanation of NevronMotion:

Another very exciting aspect of the NewTek release is the brand new time-based sculpting tool, ChronoSculpt. This amazing tool allows” users to sculpt models into animations over time with Sculpt, Drag, Pinch and Erase tools and more.”

The below video explains ChronoSculpt in a bit more detail:

The full version of LightWave includes PDF based manuals and training material and sells for $1495 (USD), or anywhere from $95 if you are updating a previous version. NevronMotion is an add-on that costs $299 (USD).

The full version of ChronoSculpt also includes a PDF manual and training material and content material to aid your learning path, and is available for both Windowcosts $399 (USD).

You can find out more about this release HERE.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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