Landscape Photoactions – Speed Up Your Editing


Landscape Photoactions

Concentrating on landscape

Some Photoshop actions you might want to try. Why would you be needing them? Maybe to save a little time editing! With the following action the creators won’t mind you using Actions, but they do ask you to give them a credit.

Now, moving outside, this is perhaps one of my favorite photo actions. Created by Forfie, you can download it here.

The creator says that, “This action is built to remove the digital grey (lack of contrast or true black) that comes with HDR photography,” and says, “normal images can use this as well as a one click fix”.

Just a quick note about HDR photography, or High dynamic-range photography, when you take a photo using this technique you are actually taking a number of photos at different exposures. These are put together to create the image. You will see the different layers separated out in the photo below, of course the grey exposure is the bottom left.

Great_landscape_photoactionsSource: Wikipedia taken in Tronador, Argentina.

Landscape Photoactions

The following photo action will change the lighting in your forest scenes. With a few clicks you can change the light, the mood, but what we are lacking here is the snow. Created by EliseEnchanted you can download it here.


The next photo action shifts the colouring from daytime to night, or I would say this is more like late evening or lit up by a street lamp. You can download this Photoshop Night Actions by lieveheersbeestje from here.


Here is another dramatic photo action: Darker effect 5.0 by sa-cool. The photo is from

Well, that’s it for now, of course we can create our own Photoshop actions, but we’ll leave that for another post 😉

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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