Jamaican 3D Animators Land Disney Deal in “Lucky Fred”

jamaican_3d_animators_land_disney_deal“Lucky Fred” Disney and Nickelodeon Cartoon

Jamaican 3D Animators Land Disney Deal in “Lucky Fred”

Reel Rock GSW Animation Ltd, a Jamaican animation company, announced that it will be co-producing a cartoon series aired on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

Reel Rock GSW Animation disclosed the information this week while also revealing the details of the production contract with Imira Entertainment of Spain for the second Season of the “Lucky Fred” cartoon series, currently being distributed to more than 160 territories around the world.

Although many Jamaicans thought this impossible, the Jamaican animation company has landed a solid Contract for a globally branded Cartoon!

Wayne_Sinclair_Reel_Rock_Jamaican_3D_animator“The global animation industry is estimated at over US$200 billion, with most segments growing at a rate of seven per cent per annum and we are pleased to be a part of this,” said Wayne Sinclair, CEO for Reel Rock GSW.

Reel Rock GSW is one of the first start to finish animation production companies from the beautiful island of Jamaica; a place Jamaicans affectionately call “The Rock”. Using cutting edge software technology such as the Toon Boom Harmony Platform for 2D and Maya for 3D animation, plus a highly skilled and trained staff of illustrators and animators.

Sinclair stated that, as time goes on and the project grows, it may require as many as 80 local animators and illustrators to effectively service the contract. He also said that 14 recent graduates of a training program for residents of inner-city communities as animators and illustrators are to be considered for jobs on this project. Those selected could begin working as early as March, 2014.

Truth is, much like Voice USA’s recent winner, Jamaican vocalist, Tessanne Chin’s Contract with Universal, as the deadline for the much coveted Animation project fast approaches, the issue is that they have only   a few Inner-city trained Animators, but more are needed as the total estimated for the successful completion of the project is  eighty (80) Animators!

Season 2 of the “Lucky Fred” Cartoon series is actually a 5 way split between the following five countries:
1.      Ireland
2.      Italy
3.      Jamaica
4.      Luxembourg
5.      Spain


-Val Cameron/Dreamlight


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