Iray Super HDRI For HOT Outdoor Female Renders

Iray Super HDRI For HOT Outdoor Female Renders


If you’ve been trying to create nice looking outdoor female renders in DAZ Studio using HDRI maps, then you’ve probably ran into one or two issues:

– Renders look way too dark in the shadows, creating very high contrast, which is not something females like (or look good in)

– The sun light often comes at an unflattering angle towards your female

– There’s little lighting options to choose from

Often, you’ll end up with something like this:


But fear not, there’s a solution to that. The new Super HDRI for DAZ Studio Iray, casts lighting from multiple directions at once, at angles that are flattering to the female body and face. Suddenly, with a single mouse-click, you get:

– Gorgeous key light

– Cool back light

– Fillers (females love these)

– Beautiful overall lighting

– Special bounce light

This results in incredibly soft, and yet strong enough light to create outstanding female renders, each and every time.


All embedded within the Super HDRI, so that it not only looks great and renders fast, you don’t need to play with any lights whatsoever. This is hands down, the fastest way to get hot looking outdoor renders. The Super HDRI package includes 10 maps, with 12 presets for various styles, and also includes a 45 min video tutorial covering all the good stuff…


There’s nothing out there that looks and renders like the Super HDRI, so take advantage of the opening offer, and grab it at a huge discount, with some incredible bonuses included!

Check it out HERE and watch the video to see the magic happening right in front of your eyes…

See you inside!

– Val

P.S. Grab the Super HDRI for DAZ Studio at a huge discount during the opening week, and start renders hot female renders with ease! Click HERE.



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