Iray Skin Shader Made Easy

Iray Skin Shader Made Easy



Do you ever struggle with trying to set a skin shader in DAZ Studio with Iray to get a perfect look?

If it’s the case, then, you know how time consuming it can be and how difficult it is with all those sliders interacting ….and sometimes giving an unwanted result.

Getting the most of your maps can be made much easier using this product.

Skin settings are certainly one of the more complex tasks when we are trying to achieve a realistic result with 3D graphics.

Iray and Skin Shader:

With the introduction of Iray, DAZ has provided some basic Iray shaders in the legacy content…but, no specific Iray skin shader for 3Delight render engine.

There were many good tutorials about this since the introduction of IRAY in DAZ Studio, but you had to spend several hours in order to get the correct settings for your skin shaders while creating a brand new character.

Even with a good tutorial, as settings are related to quality, tone of the maps you are using, finding the right balance between what you can do with your knowledge and what you really want to achieve can be a real challenge.. Without speaking of the numerous test renders each time you move a slider or use a different set of lights…

If your goal is to set in a realistic way your skin shader, then, this script is for you.

All the little additive scripts included in this product give you in a few clicks a great starting point to achieve amazing skin settings. Caucassian or dark skin? Many scripts help you set the desired effect.


(Image courtesy of DAZ 3D)

So how does it work?:

It is really easy to use. There is a main script to set the global main settings, depending on the character you want to create (light or dark skin) and the maps you loaded in your shader (gloss maps, translucency maps). Select the type of skin you want and the options. There is always a descriptive popup explaining what do when. Finally, open the folder and adjust with the different scripts – the tone, gloss or translucency of your skin. Finally, do a render test.

I have not found all the possibilities yet, but the basic settings are already giving great results.


I spent a lot of time setting shaders for a new character. Map’s  small details were missing (small freckles on top of torso) due to the settings I was using. I just did a test and wow!!! I found a brand new character, full of small details and really realistic…everything I wanted to achieve! I did a few more tests and realized how powerful and easy to use this script is.


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Now, If you are looking for the easiest way to get a better skin looking result, then, this product is totally worth the price.

The artist also did a few products for other characters. If they work as well as they do using the Genesis 3 Version, this really is a must have in your content library!


Keep Tweaking!

– Val Cameron

P.S. Get the script here, and visit the vendor’s shop here.


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