Inspiration For 3D Modeling

Inspiration for 3d modeling

Have you ever been thinking of doing a new 3D model and whaaaaammm… No inspiration?

Well, here’s some sources you can use for inspiration:

1. Other artists models (of course!)

2. Other artists 3D images

3. Sci-Fi / Adventure Movies or TV-shows on DVD. Currently watching Stargate Universe and I gotta tell you – it’s FULL of inspiration in every set.

4. PC / MAC Games – The cool thing is that you can go and look at the scenery as much as you like and often even take screen shots for reference. Very handy! I’ve just been playing Borderlands, Rage and Serious Sam 3 – and there’s a TON of inspiration right there.

5. Go out with your photo camera and grab some references while travelling. This is way cool for finding unique textures as well as documenting buildings and details.

As always, start with simple geometry and work your way up. THE most important aspect of any 3D model is the texturing process. That’s where you add all the details. It’s amazing how simple some models look without the texutres – because modeling is really 30% modeling and 70% texturing.

When you have some references, and follow a path – 3D modeling becomes a lot easier and faster.

Alright, now – go and have som fun!

PS. Need 3D modeling and texturing training? Check it out HERE.

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