I Need a Break in the Forest!

I Need a Break in the Forest!


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Another busy and stressful week….
Tanning all week behind a computer screen…
A lot of us are in this state….
Sometimes, we dream of a green forest, on a shiny day…and just walking under the trees, taking care not to walk on a mushroom, feeling the quiet atmosphere….
Then, we have a quick look at the calendar… and the holidays seem so far away!

How to make you feel better?

There a solution: Why not try dreaming in 3D?
Well, my computer is not so powerful and rendering transparencies is always a pain.
Handling a bunch of geometries put even my PC in a huge depression…

Do I need to go to the doctor and take some medicine?

Well, luckily, I had the idea to download DAZ Studio’s latest update!!
At first sight, the interface was the same; so, I went to the “What’s new” information on DAZ Wiki.
I saw the updated Draw panel with the new settings for Iray preview renderer!
When I bought my PC, the graphic card was not a crucial point since render engine mainly used CPU power… But with Iray, it’s now completely different… And my graphic card does not have enough memory to work fluently on Iray rendering…


Now, in Iray mode, you can work and adjust the quality of the preview to finely tune your render, set your lights and camera without having to waste time between 2 changes of value and redo a partial render to check.
So, I decided to have a walk in the forest!
I just jumped into Lightwave to create a ground.
As usual, making a large ground is always complex due to texture…
There is a simple way to get very detailed ground with a single texture.
Create a 100X100 meter plane and set subdivision to get 1X1 meter polygon.
Assign a surface name and create UV by polygon.


Save it and back to DAZ Studio 4.9
Load a character, the ground plane and a tree.


This is where the magic occurs…
Select your tree and use the “Create node instance”.


Set your scene with various trees and grass with the same process and add your lights and camera.


So, we need a trick…or “doping” for the PC!!
Just turn Iray drawing optimization to “memory”!


And now, we can render!!


No crash, even with a very huge scene!!!
Not rendered entirely and a little retouching in photoshop


Here is the result.
Ok, I could have done it better, but the PC did not crash. 800 000 polys, 560 nodes, DOF on camera..
Well, I’m feeling much better now in the forest!!

Do you want to find those fabulous trees?
Merlin Studios has several fabulous products in his store.
This one is very affordable and there are a bunch of awesome other great props to fill your scene:



Do you want to master the forest scene?
Dealing with forest scenes can be tricky!
Here are 2 amazing trainings to create outstanding forest renders!!



Happy forest renders!!!

Fly028 is an accomplished 3D C.G. enthusiast. He has been creating content for DAZ Studio and Poser. Fly028 collaborates with DREAMLIGHT on trainings and content development which he has done for some years now.

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