The Dark Side Of 3D Lighting…

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3D Lighting is without a doubt THE single most important aspect of your renders. It will either make or break your image. If you master this skill alone, you’ll elevate your images to unprecedented heights…

I see so many great artists struggle with lighting, so here’s some tips to immediately get on the right track:

1. Light Only What’s Important

Let go of the rest. Sounds simple enough, yet this is what we tend to do when starting out with lighting. We light everything in fear of missing something. And I was there too… Try lighting only the parts that are important to tell the story or set the mood, and focus your lighíng in a specific area of your image, rather than lighting it all.

2. 3-point Light Set Up

Start using the simple 3-point lighting set up. It’s not perfect, and it won’t magically work for all your images, but it’s a great starting point. One light from the front / side / above (key light), one softer and weaker light from the front / other side / above (fill light) and one from behind / side (back light). Play with these three lights, narrow them down if needed and try to light only what’s important. Back lights are great for mystery and creating dramatic effects.

3. Dark Side Of Lighting

Definitelly, start lighting with SHADOWS and darkness. That’s right… Instead of just thinking what can I light, starting thinking: What can I hide and why should I do that? Play with darkness, since shadows are what really creates lighting in the first place. If there was no play of light and dark, we would not see anything at all… This is the untapped dimention skilled artists use, and most beginners fear. Use shadows and darkness to create a mood, shape your scene and create drama that speaks for it self. When your lighting is alive, vibrant and has a wide spectrum through out your scene, it will make your images POP.

Keep tweaking. Every scene is unique. And so are you..!

PS. Conquer 3D lighting HERE.

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