Got Muscles? 3D Modeling Tips To Create Muscular Arms

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3D Modeling Tips – How To Create Muscular Looking Arms

Here is a short tutorial adapted from on how to create big muscles (umjust in 3D lol). Muscular anatomy is great for 3D modeling tutorials because there are so many form variations.

You can either go with a complex muscle structure or you can just go with simple. So here goes.

Recognizing Form and Edge Flow

Firstly, we have to recognize what it is that we are modeling. For the purpose of this tutorial and for simplicity sake, we are just looking at one side of the arm. We will ignore the back side of the arm in this instance. The major shapes are identifies in the image above, by yellow lines and the correct edge flow is denoted by the black arrows.

Below is a brief video outlining the 3D Modeling Tips to Create Cool Looking Muscles ūüôā

In A Nutshell:

1. To begin with, you will want to build your flat plane geometry

2. Using your flat plane geometry, now,  increase the mesh with the Split-Polygon and Edge-Loop tool. Now you can create a rough outline of the entire arm.

3. When you have your  rough outline, cut in edges that correlate to the creases. In particular, this refer to the areas between the muscle strands.

4. Next, begin pulling some of your inner vertices outward. This will help to create proper volume representing the muscles.

5. Continue building your form by adding more and more edges remembering to maintain the proper edge flow.

3D Modeling Tips

If you focus more on getting the edges and shapes properly developed, and less on accuracy you will find this helps!

When you get the edges right, like the creases in the arm and the correct volume for the bulging individual muscle strands, you will find it far easier to make adjustments to your model to match your reference. (This you can see in the video).

Once you are adding more and more edges to build your forms, remember to delete all unnecessary changes right away! This will have the effect of helping you to see the shapes more clearly while keeping your geometry low. You do actually need more geomerty there, but put that off for a while until you have most of the forms in place in rough.

Always remember that a low mesh is a workable mesh.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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