Formica, First Your Kitchen Counter, Now A 3D Texturing Tool!


Formica – 3D Texturing Tool

Free online pattern design tool

Remember that kitchen counter covering … Formica? They have come up with a tool to help their clients create their own designs. Originally created for the use of architects the platform also offers an opportunity for 3D modelers to create interesting textures.

I stumbled upon this information on Digital Arts Online, Neil Bennett writes: “The Formica Envisualizer is a free online pattern design tool created by the company whose patterned laminates are synonymous with the kitchens of the 1950s and 60s.”

Bennett continues “Formica says that the tool can be used to create patterns for its Envision laminates, but is just as useful for creating mood board elements, or textures for design projects and 3D models.” I found this last part to be the most interesting, textures for design projects and 3D models.


Source image:

You can find Formica Envisualizer here:, where the user is encouraged to, “Introducing the patent-pending Formica EnvisualizerTM design platform , an ongoing experiment into creating beautiful, unique patterns using browser-based, algorithmic design tools. Engage, create, play and please TELL US WHAT YOU THINK.” (These are their upper case letters).

The following link will take you to a video on the platform:

Unlimited possibilities

Unlimited_PossibilitiesHere are only a couple of the designs to be found in the Gallery on the Formica Envisualizer Website. This one is by Fallon. Source image:

The creators write, “Introducing the Formica Envisualizer™ design platform, an ongoing experiment into creating beautiful, unique patterns using browser-based, algorithmic design toolsl Engage, Create, Play …”. Looks promising for textures.

You have a choice of three Tools, Patterns, Free Form and Kaleidoscope you can click on the Preview button to see how the tool you are interested in works out. You can create, edit and save custom palettes using CMYK, RGB or HEX codes. Nice touch is that you can export your artwork as an adaptable vector image.

Another design by Brian Giarratana from the same Web site.

more_designsSource image:

Click on this link to see more in the Gallery:

Just be aware of the Terms of Use, under point 6 in their Terms of Use, which I have pasted below.

Ownership of Design

The Formica Envisualizer™ service allows you to create, post, share and use laminate designs. When you use the Formica Envisualizer™ service to create a design, you agree that Formica owns all right, title and interest in and to the design, including any intellectual property rights in it, and by using the service you assign to us all of your right, title and interest in and to the design. You may use the design to order samples or deliveries of Formica® laminates, but you may not make any other use of the design without our express permission.

Artwork Guidelines

If you still want a chance to play with the platform then read the Artwork Guidelines for more information here:

I must admit that I had trouble accessing the site after requesting a Beta Invite. I hope you all have better luck. Please let them know!


Melanie Phillibert

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