Fly Through 17th Century London in 3D – Another Winner!


Fly Through 17th Century London in 3D

Six final year students studying Game Art Design at DeMontfort University, Leicester, all in our final year were invited to paticipate in a brand new competition set by Crytek, Gamecity and The British Library. The competition was titled: Off the Map.

Here is a picture of the talented 3D team…


Fly Through 17th Century London in 3D

The talented team of students established Pudding Lane Productions as part of their second year project. They were thrilled to take part in this project as they saw it as an opportunity to develop their 3D art and concept design skills. They also demonstrated a variety of ways in which video game technology can be used.

On the 23rd of October (2013) at Gamecity in Nottingham, Pudding Lane Productions were declared the winners of the 2013 Off The Map competition for their 3D reproduction of 17th Century London, which was designed using reference taken from actual historic maps taken from the British Library, and built with the help of state-of-the art CryEngine technology.


For more information on this project, including concepts and processes you can read more here.

For a peek at the video check this video below (3 mins +)

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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