Fire Ants 3D Film wins Best 3D Documentary


Fire Ants 3D Film wins Best 3D Documentary

Last month at the Beyond Festival in Germany, Micheal Watchulonis’ FireAnts 3D: The invincible Army took home the award for Best 3D Documentary. The Beyond Festival has become the largest German 3D festival and it all happened in Karlsruhe in October 2013.

You can purchase the film on Amazon here.


And you can watch the official trailer of the film below:

Fire Ants 3D

Watchulonis and his team used “custom macro 3D rigs to profile the fascinating activities of fire ants, in both the wild and controlled lab settings.”

Fire Ants 3D: The Invincible Army studies the behaviour of the‘Solenopsis Invicta’ that has been on a seemingly never ending trek across the United States for the last 80 years, racking up six billion dollars a year in damages sustained to crops, and pest control. Scientists ahave taken to breeding winged assassins to hunt these awful pests down.  3D macro photography examines the hidden world of the fire ant and the cutting-edge research that is being done to eradicate them.

The documentary runs at 48 mins and is truly fascinating to watch.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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