‘Final Fantasy VII’ Figures Pulled From the Market

Final_fantasy_vii_figures_pulled_downArtist Joaquin Baldwin’s 3D printed Final Fantasy VII figures

Final Fantasy VII Figures – Joaquin Baldwin

Artist Joaquin Baldwin thrilled gaming fans with his creation of stunning 3D-printed Final Fantasy VII figures — however,unfortunately they are no longer on the market due to recent actions taken by developer Square Enix. A report from CNET states that the 3D-printing shop and marketplace, Shapeways that Baldwin used to print his figures, heard from Square Enix on Wednesday that they should pull the figurines off the market right away.

Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen told CNET that, “In order to comply with the DMCA and protect intellectual property right owners, we follow a strict takedown process as explained in our Content policy.” Refunds will be provided to those that paid for their figures but didn’t receive them.”

Although fans must be disappointed by the take down, it really is no surprise. Baldwin created his figures by the use of models he ripped directly “from a PC port of Final Fantasy VII itself, and was selling them at a profit with prices ranging from $14 to $60 each.”

Baldwin freely admits that he didn’t contact Square Enix concerning the licensing of their designs, although the company has the same line of merchandise and figures on the market. “It’d be cool, but them being such a big company, I don’t think it would work out,” Baldwin told CNET. “I’m not a businessman in that sense — just a fan.”

Final Fantasy VII Figures


Square Enix is known for aggressively protecting its intellectual property rights and in particular the Final Fantasy

A few months ago a Kickstarter campaign met the same fate. This campaign had hoped to fund an unofficial Final Fantasy VII web series, and just last year (2012) a campaign for the Final Fantasy-related remix album had to stall profess while an arrangement with the company was in the works.

3D printing is becoming more and more prevalent and this will no doubt cause this type of problem to occur even more
frequently with an assortment of figurines and collectibles.

This is of course a huge source of revenue for the companies who own the licensing rights and as such they will most likely continue to go after individuals that are profiting from their trademarks and designs — even though some of these creations are really cool.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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