Featured Artist The Mysterious Landscapes of Dieter Carlton

Dieter_CarltonSource of image: http://www.digital-artists.org/DieterCarlton

Dieter Carlton

This week’s Featured Artist’s profile states, “Dieter Carlton is a well-known American artist whose works have won numerous top awards in top-rated art shows and venues throughout the United States, as well as world-wide web art contests.”

Also, “Carlton’s style of art is particularly popular for its variety, realism, rich and vibrant colors and delightful themes.” For more about Carlton go here.

Carlton was born in Germany and now lives in Florida, the United States.

As his profile states, Carlton is an accomplished artist, photographer, mathematician, managerial accountant and finance professional, computer scientist and creative programmer, licensed commercial helicopter and fixed-wing pilot, educator, real estate professional. Having this list of accomplishments he is often referred to as a “Renaissance Man.”

Explaining about his digital art he writes, “Digital art simply advances on the traditional tools of art,” and, “Digital art is just like traditional art and, as such, requires artist skills and training to produce convincing and successful works of original art”. To read more about this artist’s views and ideas on creating in 3D you can go here.

Dieter Carlton’s work can be found on Daz3D under various the categories shown here.


The Winds of Triton


I can hear the gulls, the thudding flap of the sails and the slap of the waves against the hull of this ship.This image was created using Daz Studio, Bryce and Maya and Noggins Studio.

As once beheld

An eagle flies over a silent gorge lit by the rays of a sun close to the horizon.

As_once_beheld_Dieter_CarltonSource image: http://www.daz3d.com/gallery/#images/15903

The image was created using Daz Studio, Bryce, Eagle 2.0 and Folypro 2d trees.

 For all that I can see

A woman waits on the shore, a man in the canoe rows homeward on a calm river. The thread of smoke rises from the chimney, we look to the mountains thrusting up into the pale sky.


This peaceful image was created using Daz3D, Bryce, Maya, Xfrog, Victoria 3.0, David and Millennium Dog.

Beneath the Sylvan Veil

Beneath_the_sylvan_veilSource image: http://www.daz3d.com/gallery/#images/15919

Here we look past a fallen tree to the deer standing in the blue-toned forest shadows.

Created using Daz Squirrel, Daz Studio, Bryce, Buck and Maya.

Other Sites

You can also find Carlton’s work on Red Bubble and you will find a wide selection of his digital art here: http://dietercarlton.com/AdvancedDigitalArt.html and on Digital-Artists.org here http://www.digital-artists.org/Gal68_Dieter_Carlton_s_Gallery.asp.

His images are often accompanied by his poetry, which conveys the inner meaning of his digital art. You can find a selection of his poems here: http://dietercarlton.com/ArtPoetry.html. When you click through to the images in the Daz3D gallery you can find the poems related to the individual selected art works.

-Val Cameron/Dreamlight

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